Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photo Shoot!

Abilena makes it big--well... we were featured in a magazine!! A couple months back we were invited to participate in a photo shoot for "Southern Beauty." We used some custom pieces, and some which are in our current line. It was a long day, to say the least! We had no clue what all went into a "photo shoot." Luckily, we worked along side with some very talented fellow artists, and had a great time! The magazine will be on the shelf this month so check it out! Here are a few of the photos which showcased our jewelry!

These "Nekesa" earrings look stunning, don't they?! They are a part of our line, along with this necklace, which is actually 3 "Cherop" bracelets clasped together to form this bold piece! 

This is one of my favorite combination of pieces! I love layering our delicate necklaces. The hammered gingko leaf necklace combined with the longer turquoise cross necklace look fabulous together. These also are in our current line. "Achieng" and "Chege".

Fun and bright! This necklace is so lovely for summer. Check it out on our website! "Miriam"

This was my favorite outfit! It was adorable, so Sarah Jessica Parker-ish! The necklace featured here is a piece we made for this shoot, but is like the bracelet "Mbuni". The earrings "John" are cute little gold discs with tiny pearls--they look perfect with this necklace. Isn't that second picture just amazing! I love it!

These funky earrings are a custom piece we made for the shoot. The gem matches her gorgeous cyrstally teal eyes, and the hammered copper has such a brilliant shine! I love these on her. 
Photography: Kyle Mykitta 
View his entire collection at

Models: Stephanie Thompson and Anna Martin


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  1. WOW!!! So excited for you guys. How did you get hooked up with the mag? Nice work!